How to Spot a Narcissist

A Narcissist, female or male, is usually, but not always, the most charming person in the room; they can also be self-deprecating and appear to be "uber" humble. Beneath the facade, they are covertly or overtly controlling, manipulative, demeaning, passive-aggressive, and aggressive when they are criticized, rejected (real or imagined), or not given the attention they desire. They only know how to manage their emotions by making someone the bad guy. They typically sabotage their relationships by not taking responsibility for their actions. They may profusely apologize if backed in a corner, but immediately rationalize their behavior after leaving the scene.

Learn how to spot a narcissist and don’t take the bait! Watch this 3-minute video on how to spot a narcissist so you don’t get caught up in their web of mind games.