Listening to Your Inner Guide

If you watch children, you will see how connected they are to their feelings, their surroundings, and how they can be immersed in each moment. As they grow up society teaches them to be left-brained, analytical, solution-focused, and independent (strong, not weak = disconnection from feelings and body). They move out of right-brain (connection to body, feelings, intuition) and into left-brain, resulting in searching for joy and answers outside of themselves.

This two-week process is learning how to step out of the left-brain and into the right-brain. Learning how to trust your inner guide and walking your authentic path vs what others have told you or expect from you.

Get in touch with your authentic self and manifest your deepest desires!

All it takes is a little bit of time, dedication, and consistency to retrain your brain out of ego-state fear, and move into living a life full of love, trust, and joy.

You can do this!

This does not mean you won’t feel other emotions, as all emotions are gifts; this is about tapping into those emotions and learning from them so you can move back into the state of joy. It feels good to feel good, and the more we feel good and are guided by our intuition, this in turn helps others follow suit! Some will not accept this state of living, while others will be drawn to you and want to learn how you do it!


Trust, Tune-in, and Take off! Enjoy!

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