Rachel Humphries

LPC Associate

I am a lifelong student of both medicine and psychology. I hold both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in mental health counseling. I have degree specialties in applied behavior analysis, substance abuse, and disaster and crisis response. I have spent almost 20 years in EMS as a Paramedic responding to 911 incidents. My mental health care experience includes a one year internship with bipolar, autistic, trauma, PTSD, and substance use clients. I have training in autism, trauma treatment, and DBT. I also hold a certification as a nutritional therapy provider and training in applying nutrition to increase mental wellness.

I aim to provide a safe space for healing through unconditional positive regard and an individually tailored combination of therapy techniques. I believe each situation is as unique as the person experiencing it which makes each therapy journey unique.

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Email: rachel.kolls@hotmail.com

Phone: 512-520-0689