The Secret to Living a Fulfilling Life


Understanding self-deception is the most effective way to live a fulfilling life. For when you admit who you really are, you have the opportunity to change. Self-deception is another word for denial. For example, you may deny the truth about someone you love that is causing you pain; maybe placing blame on yourself or others in order to salvage the relationship so you won’t have to feel the pain. Denial is a psychological defense mechanism for self-protection until the ego is ready for the truth. When you deny, you make excuses for your thoughts and actions, or thoughts and actions of others in order to avoid feeling shame or loss.

Until your ego is ready, the denial will negatively impact you – it’s like you’re a hamster on a wheel. This means discomforting things continue to happen and you don’t know how to change it. If the same outcome and/or discomfort continues to happen, it’s more than likely that your are denying a reality in some way. Self-deception leads to massive amounts of pain and regret. Unfortunately, most people won’t recognize the effect of the denial until they hit rock bottom. Rock bottom is when it becomes too difficult to maintain and rationalize.

Why is this important? Again, self-deception leads to massive amounts of pain and regret.

The answer? Becoming self-aware is the key to personal freedom.

How can you achieve this? Psychotherapy, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, etc. – when you learn to have a different relationship with yourself, you can have a different relationship with others.

The secret to living a fulfilling life: Self-Awareness

Many Blessings,