Don’t Let the Past Control You

Feeling overemotional?

An urgent need to control your surroundings? It may be time for an internal check up. When you have more clarity about your internal workings, you will understand others, and as a result, will feel less vulnerable. In therapy you have the chance to review your past and see why you operate the way you do. Some things are best to keep, while other behaviors you will come to realize are stunting your growth. The world will open up when you are determined to see things differently:

“The world we see that seems so insane may be the result of a belief system that isn’t working. The belief system holds that the fearful past will extend into a fearful future, making the past and the future one. It is our memory of fear and pain that makes us feel so vulnerable. It is this feeling of vulnerability that makes us want to control and predict the future at all costs.” – Gerald G. Jampolsky

You must protect yourself, but not wallow in feeling sorry for yourself. We have all received a bad hand in life from time to time, but we do have the choice on how to handle it and move forward. Sometimes when we feel stuck, it is our unconscious holding onto the past and distorting our perception. Don’t let the past control you – choose to see things differently.

Many Blessings,