Control Your Destiny Via Choices and Actions

There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. –Denis Waitley


You may not like hearing this, but you have full responsibility for the choices you make in life. You can’t change other people, control all physical ailments, or not ever feel anxiety, worry, or depression; but you can decide what to do with those thoughts and feelings when they pop up. Once you recognize how you feel about the situation, it’s time to take action. Briefly think through this exercise and see if you can move forward vs. with struggling and staying stuck:

  1. Identify the presenting problem:
  2. How do you feel when this problem arises (body sensations, thoughts and feelings):
  3. How do you react (cope with the situation):
  4. How does your reaction make you feel:
  5. What would you like to change:
  6. Imagine a scenario where you are taking action and changing the situation:
  7. How does the new reaction make you feel:

The cumulative effect of your new response to the presenting problem determines your destiny. This doesn’t mean that every time you choose to do something differently it will turn out with a 100% satisfactory rate – there are things outside of your control. The goal of this exercise is to help you learn to recognize that you have choices in every moment in life. This in turn will help you from choosing to avoid, escape, suppress, etc. to taking action and not feeling enslaved to the ‘stuckness.’ Start now and control your destiny via choices and actions.

Many Blessings,